January 14, 2006

Calamars Basquaise

Recette Sorreguieta (but we got it from Nicolas)
Nicolas Moulin

Nicolas got this recipe from a friend and made it for us. That was several years ago, in Banglaore. And when it turned out to be delicious, he gave us the recipe in case we ever felt adventurous enough to try it on our own. Cleaning the squid had been quite a task but I still have the recipe and I do plan to try it out again.

Cleaning the squid
Remove the tentacles
Remove the inside cartilage
Remove what is left inside the body
Remove skin
Wash thoroughly with lemon water

Cut the squid into two pieces lengthwise.
If they are big enough, then cut them in two widthwise too

Preparation of the Sauce
Peel off and cut a few carrots into cubes
Cook sliced onions and garlice in a half regular half olive oil mixture
Add salt, pepper and chilly
Add four peeled tomatoes

Drop the prepared squid in the sauce. Cook until they whiten. Flambe with 3 spoons of whisky. Add white wine and thyme. Leave it to simmer for sometime.

Optional - add fresh cream before serving
Ideally should be prepared a day in advance.

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