October 20, 2010

Meetha Puri

Pushpa & Devidas Prabhu

Meetha Puri 

Whilst this breakfast option was a favourite of all three when we were growing up only my younger sister continued to ask for them subsequently.   We've completed a full circle and once again are all there in line to eat them when they are made now.   I prefer to add an extra banana for extra caramelised and crisp puris.   These stay for a day or two and we eat them as a snack through the day.  Grab one or two when you're passing the kitchen counter kind of snack!

2 cups Maida
½ cup curd
½ cup sugar or gud
½ tsp. Soda bi-carb
2 tsp ghee
1 banana mashed
a pinch of salt
refined oil for deep frying

Mix ingredients into a hard dough and keep for a while
Roll into puries and deep fry

About a year ago we went to a restaurant in Chennai where we were served starters which were a cross between modaks and meetha puris. They were absolutely yummy and we had two rounds of it.  Found this recipe online and these too are definitely worth a try.  More sinful when compared with the meetha puris though!

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